Why it is the Best Smelling Laundry Detergent in 2021

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Curious of why I love the best smelling laundry detergent ever?

I don’t know what makes me feel more old. Talking about how much I love the best smelling laundry detergent or writing a blog about it. LOL.

However, I do know that when you discover something amazing, you tell everyone, right?

And so, here I am telling you about these eco-friendly, natural cleaning products that are known to include the best smelling laundry detergent ever.


Several months ago, my family was introduced to a new company out of Arkansas, Topanga Scents.

A friend wanted me to test it out and I was easily persuaded after smelling the 5 amazing scents. We were already using a luxury brand, Tyler Detergent, but I’m always up for supporting a friend’s business.

I washed a blanket that we keep on the patio and then laid it on my daughter and husband. Immediately, they were asking what that smell was and that it was incredible. In fact, my husband even made the comment that it smelled better than that other stuff I was using.

Ironically, the CEO of Topanga Scents was also a previous customer to the Tyler detergent line. He loved the luxurious smells, but didn’t want to tell others that he was using a product that sounded feminine. It was also a little heavy on the pocket book. And so, he did what most only dream of and set out to turn an idea into a reality.


Topanga Scents offers a line of eco-friendly, natural cleaning products.

All of the products include plant-based components and are designed without all of the harmful chemicals. They offer luxurious detergents, fabric spray, soap, lotion, and multi-purpose cleaner. These are provided in NOW six different scents and at super affordable prices.

Topanga Scents is also a family owned business with all of the products being USA made! Including the bottles.


I decided that Topanga Scents provided the best smelling laundry detergent known to man. It provides rich, clean smells and lacks all of the harmful chemicals.

I was also amazed to see so many health benefits from these natural products. This is something I never saw with using the Tyler detergent or any others for that matter.

And even more so, I began to research more into the chemicals that are NOT included, such as 1-4- Dioxane, as well as the plants that are. This is where being a Family Nurse Practitioner and science nerd comes to play.


For example, we use to give our son, Campbell, melatonin every night. We then would have to wait a couple hours later for him to fall asleep. As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I prefer to not medicate a child just to sleep, but sometimes things may call for desperate measure.

Since washing our sheets in Topanga Scents, I realized that I couldn’t remember when I had given him melatonin last. I also began to become more aware of the impact chemicals in our well known detergents had on our health and environment.

And so, remember me saying how when we discover something amazing we should share with others?


What I love most about these rich, clean scents is that they all exclude bleaches, phosphates, parabens, dioxane, sulfates, dyes, fragrances, enzymes, thickeners, preservatives, and brighteners.


How impressive is that?

As mentioned above, I have never given much thought to how harmful a majority of our cleaners are until now. Topanga products are safe on delicate materials, such as expensive athletic wear for example.

In fact, I would bet that this would be considered the best laundry detergent for Lululemon and all of the other fancy brands of active wear. The reason being is due to the synthetic fibers being non-porous, which leaves the sweat not to absorb so easily.

Rico de Paz, Consumer Data Reports, shares that with this type of material, moisture is allowed to evaporate which leaves behind chemicals on the clothing that causes an odor. These chemicals are somewhat hard to wash out, hence leaving the odor behind.

I use the example of why Topanga Scents is the best laundry detergent for Lululemon because it is also the best for all active wear. Not only due to the chemicals that remain within the fabric and on our skin, but also because active wear is not cheap. Some are very delicate and others cost a fortune. It is comforting to know that these products will be gentle, allowing the clothing items to last longer.

Plus, who doesn’t want to still smell good while working out?

They are also beneficial for handwashing as well as HE machines.

And, they sanitize your clothing while leaving an amazing smell after.

We even wash our dogs in the Topanga Scents soaps. I’ve noticed that their hair has a shine, has an extra ‘fluff’ to it, and has helped our elder dog with his skin allergies.

So what are these amazing smells that fill a room up of cleanliness and luxury? I’ll tell you!

Brentwood: a blend of tropical passion fruit intertwined with warm, minty patchouli that creates a highly aromatic fragrance.

Paradise Cove: a blend of Sandler wood, fig, and sea salt that creates a scent that can only be described as PARADISE in a bottle.

Malibu Pier: a spicy, woodsy, and clean fragrance. There are hints of cinnamon vanilla. No fruits or florals combined with this scent.

Roxbury: a unique aroma of sea salt combined with orchid to create a soft, floral scent with just a hint of spice.

Bel Air: a unique, fresh scent with hints of florals and fruits as well as a combination of sensual amber and chocolate.

Just in time for spring cleaning!

The Grove: an aromatic blend of citrus and sweet floral aromas, mixed with sandalwood and creating a clean fragrance.

As spring has approached, it is also time for spring cleaning.

I have yet to decide if this is a dreadful situation or a cleansing, mental relief.

In 2021, Topanga Scents introduced The Grove scent just in time as it provides a citrus and floral aroma! It is amazing!!!!!!

Imagine that sweet, reshreshing smell on your clothes, in your house, or even your car!

Can someone say, relaxation?

These are my confessions!

I have never been a fan of doing laundry and even more so putting up my clothes where they all belong. In fact, my family has a running joke of how many times they will have put their clothes up until I get to mine. I just say it is mom life.

But, I will share how proud and amazed I am at seeing how my kids enjoy doing the laundry now. They say that if they do it, then they get to choose how their clothes smell. And, I find comfort in knowing that these natural cleaning products will not cause harm to their skin.

While quarantined, Carlyle even thought of using the detergent to get slime out of my rug. I hate slime!

I was very impressed that she thought of using the detergent and I was ok with knowing it would not cause harm to my antique rug.

It’s a WIN WIN!


Now, let me first say that I am not one to be negative about another company. I just believe in sharing my experience and opinion of why I may love one over the other.

Topanga Scents is all of that and more. The products are incredible for delicate pieces such as expensive gym clothes and items that need to be hand washed. It saves from having to go to the cleaners as much too.

But I feel that these products are your best bang for your buck. Yes, quality is usually more expensive than what you can get over the counter. With quality, however, you get long lasting smells that make you feel good and noticed by others.

You are also confident in knowing that they do not consist of harmful chemicals absorbed in your children’s skin. This can possibly make their skin sensitivities worsened, as well as for adults.

And, you get to experience the sensation of luxurious scents that one would assume is way more expensive than really is. This includes the fabric spray, lotions, soaps, and multi-purpose cleaner as well.

You can also dilute the detergents with ALL Free and Clear if you desire.

This allows the scent to be less strong if needed and the detergent to last longer, especially for those that wash a lot.


Who would ever think that you can benefit from using laundry detergent and fabric spray other than just for your clothes?

My family loves finding new ways to use these products daily. With Topanga Scents offering the best smelling laundry detergent, we want everything to have the best, long-lasting scent.

We have used the laundry detergent in a variety of ways. Such as, to mop floors, clean carpet, aide in a room smelling clean with the diffuser, and sprayed on vacuum filters. If you are curious of an amazing mop that leaves your floors and baseboard amazing, I’ve got you covered! Check out the blue highlight above!!

I have even diluted the detergent to clean my kitchen cabinets. And let me say, I have scrubbed those things to the point where my finger nails begin to break. I was amazed to see so much sparkle and shine afterwards.

The fabric spray also has a variety of uses, with 5 amazing scents. You can spray it on a dryer ball instead of using fabric sheets, dog beds, furniture, toilets before you go poo, car upholstery, and linens before bed. In fact, dryer sheets have a negative effect on our machines as well as including toxic chemicals.

I’ve even began using the fabric spray as a wrinkle releaser and then throwing the clothes in the dryer. Works like a charm!


What can I say? We all want to find ways to feel better and be better. Especially with the last year we have all experienced.

Again, another reason I decided to spread some cheer. My hopes consist of introducing ways for people to feel good and learn about the possibility of living a greater life.


I’ve recently researched many of the clean, plant-based ingredients in these eco-friendly cleaning products. It has led me to becoming intrigued to learn the connections between scents and our overall health.

The tropical passion fruit in the Brentwood family is known to have a tranquilizing effect and known to be used in some anti-anxiety medications.

Patchouli is a plant found in the Brentwood family line and has many health benefits.

Patchouli is known for relieving depression, enhancing relaxation, easing stress or anxiety, promoting skin complexion, and stimulating the glands to increase libido.

Bel-Air can aide in increasing a positive mood and higher arousal with its rich chocolate aroma.

The Malibu Pier has the infamous cinnamon spice, made from the inner bark of trees.

Cinnamon spice is known to increase performance and decrease feelings of depression.

The vanilla aroma also helps to alleviate stress and anxiety and well as increase feelings of joy and relaxation.

Roxbury contains sea salt, a natural remedy to relieve stress, easy achy muscles, and treat irritated skin.

Paradise Cove is famous for its sandalwood scent.

Sandalwood has been known for centuries to calm the mind, relieve worry, help to firm and tone signs of aging, and promote masculinity.

And lastly, The Grove has everyone going crazy over its citrus and floral aroma mixed with sandalwood. Citrus aromas are known to fight exhaustion, help with depression, aides in clearing your skin, reduces inflammation, decreases cortisol levels, decreases blood pressure, and improves menopausal symptoms.


Let me start by saying that Topanga Scents has not made any claims nor performed any studies on the benefits towards skin sensitivity.

But as a Family Nurse Practitioner, let me first share that I have so many patients, young and old, that suffer from chronic skin conditions. Especially in the winter months when our skin is begging for thirst.

Yet, many do not realize how the chemicals in laundry detergents and lotions make it more angry then relieving.


My little buddy, Arrow (3), wakes up in the middle of the night because the sheets hurt his skin so bad from eczema. He is now sleeping all night long since his mom began washing them in what he calls ‘the best smelling laundry detergent’. He also begs his mom to put on ‘Arrow’s lotion’ because it has a soothing effect and is promoting a big improvement in his eczema flare ups.

I also have an adult friend who called me recently to share how his back no longer breaks out since his wife began using the ‘new smell good stuff’.

I recently read a testimony from one with chronic psoriasis and how she has gone from many flare ups to currently ONE!

And lastly, the goat’s milk soap and lotion has improved my aging acne tremendously!

Curious about the causes of acne at 40 and how goat’s milk products have improved my skin?

Check out, Acne at 40: Helpful Tips to Understanding these Annoying Breakouts

This list of amazing stories as these continue to grow daily and is a constant reminder how thankful I am to have discovered this company so that it can be a blessing to others.


That is all I can say! And I think one thing we can all agree on?

I know that we are so sick and tired of wearing these masks. It keeps us from enjoying others smiles. Our kids are unable to enjoy playing without wearing them on the playgrounds. And we have to smell the same, stale odor all day long.

One perk though, if we have to wear the masks all day, at least we have discovered a way to inhale something with clean ingredients and enjoy a luxurious smell all day long. I like to keep a bottle of the fabric spray in my clinic office so we can give our masks a little refresher throughout the day. Not only does this allow one to enjoy the smell, it increases endorphins to help us all become more relaxed and in a better mood.

Remember that connection between scents and moods? Yeah, it totally works!

There has even been times I have sprayed my patients masks and watched their anxiety lessen right in front of me. It’s pretty amazing!


I cannot say it enough that these are literally the best smelling laundry detergents and natural cleaning products in more ways than one. After only a few months, Topanga Scents has been a blessing to my family and I get to be the messenger to others. I am providing hope to those that have lost confidence. I am witnessing people to not suffer as much with the constant itch and burning sensation on their skin.

And personally, I feel good when others say I smell good. Who doesn’t?


But because Topanga Scents is still on a ground level floor, it is allowing me to provide hope and opportunity to others. This is a company that still remembers the family and wants to see them flourish.

It is also USA made!

Amazing things are happening every day, relationships created, and stories of gratitude in various ways.

Yes, I still say that Topanga Scents is the best smelling laundry detergent ever because it smells amazing and lasts forever. But the health impact is even more incredible.

Our team is growing and people are falling in love with these eco-friendly cleaning products and skin care. The way I look at it, just give these products a try and form your own opinion. You may be quite surprised just how amazing you can feel!

If you would like more information on Topanga Scents, feel free to email me, visit on social media, or fill out this form and I will get with you asap!

23 thoughts on “Why it is the Best Smelling Laundry Detergent in 2021”

  1. this sounds wonderful.. thanks for sharing this product.. we have been looking for a new detergent lately

  2. Monica Simpson

    This sounds like the detergent I have been looking for. I love good smells but I also want it to be chemical free.

    1. It is. Zero sulfate, dioxane, paraben, fragrances. Also vegan! I recommend it to a lot of patients with skin sensitivity. I’m happy to send you a sample of the fabric spray or detergent if you want to try it. Send me a private email or fb message with your info.

  3. Yes, scent can contribute to overall physical and mental wellness. I’m not familiar with the brand but we have local brands here in the Philippines that we like.

  4. Elizabeth

    I bet these smell soooooo good! Roxbury sounds like it would be my favorite. Love that it’s an eco-friendly company, too!

  5. Sarah

    This sounds like a great laundry detergent.

  6. Rachel

    This is very intriguing to me. I went to law school in Malibu California so I am familiar with all these places. Just the names bring up nostalgia for me…I wonder if the scents would as well. Will look into this brand!

  7. Amber

    These scents sound amazing! I’ve totally switched brands because one smells better than the other! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I would love to try a new laundry detergent, however, my husband and girls are sensitive to everything but Tide…

    1. Hey Briana! The Topanga Scents products actually are better for those with sensitive skin because they don’t contain things such as sulfate, dioxane, paraben, and fragrances….as Tide and other detergents do. These ingredients can be pretty rough on our skin and cause other health issues overtime……which I never realized myself until doing more research. That’s the medical nerd in me I guess. LOL. I’m happy to send you a sample if you want to try it. You can send me a private email to jessberry@itsaberrygoodlife.com with your info if you choose to. Cheers!

    1. Awesome! Thank you! There are a whole line of products….laundry detergent, fabric spray, multi-purpose cleaner, soap, and lotion. All are plant based and without all of the harmful chemicals and fragrances that our other detergents and cleaners include. A lot of people don’t realize the effects these have on our skin and overall health….me being one of them and I’m a nurse practitioner, until I did more research! It’s still new and family owned…..so lots of growth to come! And GREAT company for those wanting to do something on the side/extra/for fun/build. Tell them to send me a message for more info or if want to try a sample of any of the products. I’m happy to help!

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