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Getting to know Jessica Myer Berry, APRN

Raised a farmers daughter that grew up having big dreams, I have always worked hard investing in myself with hopes of making a difference to others one day. It has not always been an easy journey I might add, with lots of stops, turns, and a few wrecks along the way. However, this journey has taught me many things about myself, my beliefs, my goals, working with others, and making the most in today’s society.

I’m currently a Family Nurse Practitioner, working for a non-profit, family practice clinic in Arkansas. I absolutely love my job. And while it is a super busy clinic, my team works by the motto that humor is the best medicine. I believe that it is important to wake up each morning with the mindset of making it a great day. And having a little sense of humor along the way definitely helps in those difficult times.

I am also building an Arkansas based business of cleaning products, soaps, and lotions that contain clean ingredients and 5 different scents that are amazing. This has already allowed me the opportunity of helping others to feel better, sleep without taking melatonin, a home that no longer has dog odor, improved skin conditions, and extra income for others. It was not something that I asked for, but I’m very thankful that this company, Topanga Scents, found me.

I am now a wife (Bill) and mother of two elementary children (Carlyle and Campbell). They are both very involved in school, sports, church, and friend activities. We live a busy life and focus on things that sometimes aren’t as important. When this happens, we often times forget to cherish each day, live to love, inspire others, and believe in ourselves.

So why am I sharing all of this about me? As a Family Nurse Practitioner, my mission is to help others in finding ways to enjoy the little things in life… while smelling good and feeling great with hopes of sharing stories, inspiration, humor and adventures both from my own experiences as well as others. I know that there are times we may feel that our mind and body need an escape from reality, even if for a tiny moment. My purpose is to help you as well as myself to discover ways to reconnect with who we are, to see the little things in life that mean so much, and to cherish each day. I’m honored to join you on this new adventure and look forward to your stories as well. Cheers!

Would love to hear from you as well! Feel free to email or follow me on facebook, instagram, pinterest, and youtube.

Sharing is Caring!

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